Instructions of Bisulfite DNA Visualizer for primer desing (BiDVisualizer)

BiDVisualizer tool for primer design is primary intended to facilitate the semimanual design of primers for MS-HRM, (a specific kind of PCR)1however, this visualizer can be used in primer designing of other PCR methods for DNA methylation analysis. The basics underlying the software are explained in the BiDVisualizer's article1.

How to use BiDVisualizer?

1. Get your DNA sequence: You need a non-modified sequence of DNA of the gene or genomic region of interest for you.

2. Paste using CRTL+V your genomic sequence in raw format (copy 📝+ paste📋) :
  ✓   Paste your sequence of DNA without modifications, use the original sequence (non converted).
  ✓   Do not included Fasta headings.
  ✓   Do not included numbers or any UPACT nucleotide character different to genomic nucleotide character (just use: A, C, G, or T).

3. Click on the button "Conver with BiDVisualizer" to get sequence for PCR primers for DNA methylation analysis.

4. Finally (copy 📝+ paste📋) the results in your word processor (e.g Microsoft Word) to semimanual primer design.

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1 Hernández HG, López-Cepeda ML, Contreras GA, Vargas-Porras C, Arboleda H. BiDVisualizer: Bisulfite DNA Visualizer for primer desing. Trends in Bioinformatics 2018;X(X):XX.